venerdì 5 dicembre 2014

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Towards the end of the XXI century Emiliopolis is one of the dark never-ending polluted megalopolis which forms the a mega state called Euroamerica. This is a high-tech deceptive democracy based on patterned thought, on a new language called High-Tech-English and on the most conservative American social model. The metropolis is menaced by an imminent terror attack plotted by the IOUE, the Islamic Oriental United Emirates, the great integralist caliphate which has united all the former Muslin countries, in constant conflict with Euroamerica. Dick, an extra-staff special agent and a writer, is in charge of the case. His existence is marked by a heavy burden which makes him insensible to risk. The investigation takes him around the world, from one side to the other of the only remaining borderline. As detection proceeds, Dick is trapped in a much bigger game than he thought which leads him to the discovery of a series of top-secret realities of the world in which he lives. So he becomes a target himself, not able to understand who his friends and who his foes, whom he has to run away from, are. He then realizes that the only chance for himself and his city to survive is to reveal the world the terrible secret he has discovered, in a desperate race against time and against everything, with the feeble hope that writing might still save the world from Apocalypse.

Dark City is a open-eyed nightmare which tells how the world might be, in a near future, if humanity keeps on going down the blind road it has taken that will lead to an unavoidable media authoritarianism.

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